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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Fall Trees
14x18 inches
oil on panel

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Using Small Formats for Fun

Sometimes you will want to do a subject that you know will never sell in a million years. When you paint for a living, it's important to choose subjects that will sell. That doesn't mean you have to be a slave to the masses. I only paint subjects that I truly enjoy painting. I think to paint Kangaroos because they are popular alone, would be depressing. I have no interest in painting Kangaroos, so I don't.

I might want to paint an ugly old industrial building, or weird subject which might be uninteresting to someone else. To get it out of my system, I use 5x7 or smaller to paint these subjects. Using a small format doesn't waste a lot of paint or canvas and so I don't have to feel guilty about using my resources on a whim.

I think it is important to paint thing we want to, outside of the commercial aspect of our jobs. Painting these subjects builds technique and keeps us interested in the work we do.

I often keep these little paintings around for years just to pull out and look at now and then.

I don't use larger format for the fun paintings because I know the will probably never sell. I don't want to have them laying around the studio taking up valuable space.

I usually put the little paintings in my sale bin for awhile and sometimes they actually do sell, which makes me doubly happy, knowing someone else might appreciate and have the same vision as I did.

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