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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Wacahoota Farm

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My next workshop is October 6th 9AM - 4PM at lovely Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. We will study the elements of landscape composition. 65.00 includes snacks and beverages. Bring a brown bag lunch. If it rains, we will paint on the covered porch. To sign

Painters Tip

Applying Acrylic techniques to oils

I have learned a thing or two about brushwork by using acrylics as well as oils. Mostly about layering strokes rather than dependence on blending. One of the consistent problems I see in emerging oil painters' work is over-blending. Using acrylics will help you to learn how to paint in layers, using short strokes next to each other for close value work without blending. It will teach you how to stipple and scumble as well. Even if you are not going to be using acrylics as a serious medium, I recommend that you have a basic acrylic palette for practice paintings and technique building. This work will translate into better brushwork in your oils.

Get the acrylics out first and use index paper to do brushwork exercises each time you want to paint in the studio. Use these as a warm up for your oils. Do short choppy strokes, long strokes, swerved strokes, stippling, scumbling,crosshatching strokes. Mix close values an use the choppy strokes to make round spheres, cylinders etc.

You will be warmed up and ready to paint with your oils, having built some brushwork technique which you can apply to your oil paintings. The canopy of the tree in the above oil painting was all done with layering and stippling techniques, no blending.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Linda, this tree is just fabulous. What a great landscape piece.

Plein Air Florida said...

Thank you so much. You know, I love painting biovines.

pfranklin said...

As always you are so right Linda. For the last couple of weeks I've been teaching a group of children and using acrylics to show them some basic painting skills. The acrylics are teaching me! While I don't think I would stick with them in the long term, they certainly have their place. Paint on Linda.

Plein Air Florida said...

Acrylics work very well for me for small studio paintings, 12x16 and smaller. I don't use them for serious work. They really handle well in the small format. L Diane Johnson is the only one I personally know who really does them magnificently. Acrylics are truely her medium.