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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Orange Marsh
9x12 inches
oil on panel
gold frame

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Painters Tip

Painting with a complimentary color palette

Using compliments on the color wheel can be a fun exercise in painting. The above painting was done with a dominant limited palette of orange and blue. Of course there were a couple of ancillary colors to make it more interesting, but the orange and blue provided most of the color mixes. I love the browns and grays which are possible with this compliment.

I often under paint my landscapes with a cad red light or alizarin when I know that most of the painting will have green plant materials. In winter, the purples and yellows make a striking painting and also provide many subtle grays.

I will usually start a complimentary palette with at least two versions of the compliments, along with black white and sap green. I want to use as few colors as possible, yet get the most mixing power for variety.

The painting above was done with the following palette:

cad orange
French ultramarine blue
Prussian blue
Sap Green
Naples Yellow

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