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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Live Oak
6x9 inches
mixed media on panel

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Painters Tip

Summertime Outdoor Painting

When you live in the South you must be careful painting out on location in the summer. Choose a location with lots of big shade trees or the side of a building with shade. Better yet, the open porch of a building where you will have air circulation.

Use sunscreen liberally. I have been exposed to the sun for many years being an outdoor painter. The more you are in the sun, the more you must protect yourself from skin cancer. Even though you are in the heat, it's not a bad idea to wear long pants. The biting insects are roaming around in the summer and it may protect your legs from ticks and biters. Use a repellent with Deet. Spray it on before you leave the car and then a couple of more times while you are painting. I sometimes spray my pant box, so that wasps and bees will not be attracted to my paints.

Bring a lot to drink. Bottled water of course but it is also nice to have a Thermos or large drink with ice to keep you cool and refreshed.

Umbrellas will help some against the heat and sun but not a bunch. Better to find shade if possible.

Paint very early or very late. I like to be out on location between 7 and 10 AM if possible, or out after 5 PM If you must paint all day, be sure to pace yourself, taking frequent breaks.

Don't over pack. The heat saps your energy so take only what you will really need out to the field and leave the rest in your car. I use a limited palette in the summer to cut down on the weight of my paint box. I carry only my Guerrila Box, tripod, my garden bench and some water. Remember You will be much more tired when you finish, than you were when you started. You don't want to carry anything you don't have to.

Use a damp cloth around your neck or on your head, under your hat to cool down. Wear cotton or linen clothing and avoid poly fabrics. You can also purchase a small battery operated fan.

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