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Monday, July 30, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Yellow Marsh
8x10 inches
acrylic on panel

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Painters Tip

I meet and talk with many artists in my travels and at Plein Air events. I see lots of creative approaches to equipment.
Here are some ways to safely transport your wet paintings from the field back to your studio.

Buy some of the corrugated plastic which can be purchased in sheets. Build various sizes of boxes with it and glue the sticks you find at hobby stores into the sides to make spaces for panels to slide into. The same can be done with foam board, but the plastic cardboard is much stronger.

You can also use fruit crates and do the same thing with the sticks glued to the sides in spaces apart. Any sturdy box would work and the spaces apart can be adjusted for canvas or panels.

Here is another very creative approach for small panels. I have seen people use dish drying racks to hold small paintings. The rack just sits in the trunk of the car and the little paintings go in like dishes drying. Very cool and very cheap. The rack can be lowered into a box so that it is more stable with less chance of sliding around.

For plein air events where paintings are likely to be sold unframed and wet, nothing beats a pizza box. The painting goes in the box, the lid is taped and your client is happy to take home a nice painting immediately. I always tell them they can leave the painting in the box for a few weeks to dry if they like before framing.

Of course there are many companies who make beautiful hardwood drying boxes, but they are quite expensive. I have two such boxes, which are nice, but I love some of these more creative approaches.

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