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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Landscape Painting

Florida Trail
24x24 inches
oil on canvas
Purchase from Linda Blondheim Studio

Painters Tip

Use a Color Wheel

Get yourself one of the nifty little color wheels that Jack Richeson & Company sells, if you are unsure about using color. They are very small and will fit in any paint box for quick referencing.

The one I like is their Pocket sized Color Wheel/Mixing Guide. On the back, it has illustrations of color relationships, Complements, Split Compliments,Triads,Tetrads,Monochromatic,analogous,achromatic,color and light,color and distance explanations. The front has color definitions and a 10 gray scale.

We can all mix color, but are you actually thinking about it while you go through the process? Color is very complicated and can get you in a lot of trouble before you know it.

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