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Monday, June 25, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Wood Farm
Evinston Florida
18x24 inches
oil on canvas
gold frame
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Painters Tip

You can add a lot of drama to your painting by using values,atmospherics,and contrast. I have an obsession with back lighting and atmospherics and have studied them for years and years. I love to focus on the dark and rich color of a subject while back lighting it so that the contrast is powerful.

Many beginning painters do very good work, but everything is the same value. No contrast or drama. The next time you are painting out in the field, think about what you can do with contrast, back lighting and atmosphere to create an impact for the viewer.

This works extremely well with fields of trees. I like to have a pretty sharp focus on the tree in the painting I will keep dark and mysterious. For the rest, I like to fade them back and soften their canopies and trunks, making them gray and indistinct. Adding lots of pale light behind them. Sometimes I will hit a group of trees with strong light as in the palms behind the large tree in the painting above.

If I had given the focal tree the same lighting as the rest of the painting it would not have had the impact that I was looking for. Remember,it is not about what you see in the landscape but rather about what you want the viewer to see. He/she will never be in that field to see the actual scene. It is about your vision as an artist.

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