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Monday, June 11, 2007

Linda Blondheim Art

Paynes Prairie
20x36 inches
oil on panel

Painters Journal

I got a box full of fabulous art supplies from my new sponsor

I am going to use them for a few drawing classes I have lined up:


Beginning Drawing

September 29,2007

9AM-5 PM

Linda's Studio

With charcoal,graphite,and colored pencil

We will explore all of these mediums and the fundamentals of drawing. This is a great class for beginning painters who want to improve their drawing skills.

Breakfast, lunch, and all materials are included.



Intermediate Still Life Drawing

January 12, 2007

9 AM- 5 PM

Linda's Studio

Charcoal, graphite and colored pencil

We will use all of these mediums to explore the art of still life drawing. We will combine mediums and explore texture, value, light,lost and found lines, negative space, and edges. We will also do some perspective drawing.

Breakfast, lunch, and all materials are included.

Painters Tip

Don't Worry About It!!!

You are going to have circumstances which will be disheartening or frustrating when you paint for a living. Sometimes you think you have gone to a venue with what you consider great paintings, only to find that the gallery only wants certain of the paintings. They send back paintings which you think are excellent subjects and that will be sure sellers, keeping others that you don't feel as strongly about. Or, you are rejected from shows or paint outs, when you feel that your work is strong and an excellent fit. Or, everyone else around you is selling like mad and you don't sell a thing,even though your paintings are a popular subject and are well framed.

That is just the way it goes. Rejection is difficult always and we never outgrow the pain of it. I have no idea why this happens, I wish I did know why. I allow myself a good pity party but then I move forward, determined to paint better and to have more success the next time around. It makes me just work harder. I don't pretend to like it or not to care. I care deeply when I am rejected. I'm just too stubborn to give in and lose.

One of the things it took me years to understand, was that my work is different. It doesn't fit in the category of traditional realist painting or in the abstract modernist category. That makes my work less marketable than some others' because it is not mainstream in either group. I'm not going to try to be somebody else, so I must be willing to be more creative in marketing than someone who fits safely in either of the categories. This means a few rejections and so I accept them.

Never give up. There is a market for your work no matter who you are and how you paint. Tastes are very diverse and so you must keep putting your work out there despite rejections. If rejection is too painful for you, art is a bad business to be in, unless you are doing traditional painting genre's like portraiture, animals, or other subjects that are pretty safe.

Get up every day with renewed determination to succeed and you will eventually find your way.

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