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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Landscape Paintings

Prairie Palm
10x10 inches
oil on canvas
See my paintings HERE

Painters Tip

Artists with established careers can have a great deal of influence over beginning and emerging artists. We need to be careful that we are nurturing them and not discouraging them. The art business is very tough as anyone with experience can tell you. Anyone who actually survives as a full time artist with no other income is considered a rarity.

Beginners are told not to have expectations of success by family, and friends. There is discouragement all around them from the beginning. They are asked about their real jobs with the assumption that art is not a real job, but merely a hobby. It is a lot to overcome.

If you are a pro, be careful and kind with beginners. They need your sponsorship and help. I like to think that someday, one of my beginning friends will make it to the top, far higher than I have. Knowing that I helped them along the way would give me a great deal of satisfaction.

Here are some ways to help your emerging artist friends.

Look for the strengths in their work and focus on that, incouraging them to go ahead in that direction. Help them a bit with marketing ideas. If you know restaurant, book shop, hair salon owners, help them get exhibit spaces.

Offer to help them install their work in framing or lend them frames for a show. Sell your older frames to them at a discount.

Let them know about upcoming shows and opportunities.

Help them with their resume,statement and bio.

Last but not least, invite them into your studio to let them see what it's like to be a professional artist.

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