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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Paintings

Roser Park
St Petersburg, Florida
24x24 inches
available at Linda Blondheim Art Studio
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Painters Tip

I had a conversation with an artist yesterday who payed me a studio visit. She has been a long time artist who for professional reasons was unable to pursue her work in art. She has now retired and told me that she is having trouble gettng started again in her art. This happens to many artists who have tried to come back instantly into the world of art after having been away for some time. Art can be intimidating and frustrating if you are not used to the work. You recall that you used to do it with joy and abandon but now it's not the fun you remembered.

You must reconnect slowly to the process. My suggestions are the following:

Make a place for art. Take a room, closet, or corner somewhere where your materials are layed out, set up and ready 24/7.

Start with drawing. Do doodles, contour drawings,studies for values,simple fruits, jars, and other simple objects.

Get a kitchen timer and set if for 15 minutes each day for a week. Work only during the alloted time. Choose the same time each day and don't miss a day. The second week will be 30 minutes a day with the same routine. You are building your confidence with these drawings and your skillset, muscle memory and so forth. The next week go to 45 minutes per day and the following week go for an hour each day.

Now you will be in the habit of making art each day and you will have warmed up, improving your drawing skills.

It will be time to move on to your medium of choice. You should go through the same routine in your new medium. After having gone through about 8 weeks of this process, you should be well into the routine of making art again.

Happy painting!!!

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