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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Landscape Painting

Econfina River
18x24 inches
oil on canvas
Purchase through Linda Blondheim Studio

I was saddened to read that Charles Sovek has died. He was a kind and generous man who did much for the landscape painting community. He will be missed.

Painters Tip

Transitions Between Planes

When you are painting landscapes there are basically three planes in the painting, fore, middle, and background. Of course there are subtle planes between those but those three are standard. As the planes receed they become softer and cooler due to particle in the atmosphere between you and the distance you are viewing. Sometimes you will need to have a little trick to transtion between these planes. Let's say you have hot bright color and contrast in the fore and middle ground but want to soften and gray the background as a way to showcase the main element. In this case you may not have a real distant vista to use successfully, but instead, the planes of the painting are much tighter and closer together. This can cause an abrupt disconnect between the fore and background which may seem odd or too overt.

In this case, I like to use a transitional element in the painting which pulls the cool color of the background into the middle ground of the painting. It can be a tree trunk, a bush, grasses, or whatever seems appropriate. It acts as a bridge between the hot bright foreground and the soft cool background. A way for the viewer to travel back through the painting from one contrast to another.

If you look back at yesterday's blog painting you will see the cool tree trunk in the middle left side of the painting.

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