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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Landscape Paintings

High Bridge Road
8x10 inches
oil on panel


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Painters Tip

It's a good idea to start a painter's reference notebook. I use three ring binders. Right now I am studying trees. It is my annual focus this year. I am doing research on them and doing lot of studies on index paper. Yesterday I did a study of Spanish moss because I live in the South where there is tons of it in all of the trees. I punched the study and put it in my tree notebook and I will also add a sample of the real thing. I'll buy it from a craft store though, because the real thing is full of chiggars. I also have bark,lichen, dried leaves, and many photos of tree parts in my notebook.

I will add swatches of colors I mix through the year. I add notes and materials from my research to each book. In January, when I move on to my next study I will have a very nice book of reference materials to go back to when I need it for tree painting. I have been doing these annual studies of a particular area of painting for many years. Unfortunately, doing the reference book only occured to me about a year ago. I wish I had been doing a book for each study over the last ten years.

I think study and research are very important for growth as a painter. We should never just do our routine. We need to stretch and grow each year.

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