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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blondheim Art Original Landscape Paintings

Paynes Prairie
6x9 inches
casein on panel


See my paintings HERE

Painters Journal

I'm teaching my All About Trees workshop this Saturday and I'm so excited. We are going to have a blast!! I have been painting trees like mad for several months so I have tree paintings all over the studio. I'm going out in the yard tomorrow to cut branches, samples of bark, leaves and other stuff like my old palm trunk which I use as a flower stand. I'll put them all around the studio so that we have a tree atmosphere to work in. There will be ten of us Tree Huggers there.It will be wonderful!!! We will eat,drink and be merry!!!

Painters Tip

Values in Drawing

In value drawing, you are interested in representing the changing light and shade across the surface. Line drawing, in contrast, identifies visible edges with a solid line. When value drawing, using strong lines to show edges is confusing, making the drawing look flat. Linear drawing and value drawing are two different 'systems' of representation.

When creating a value drawing, you need to to forbid yourself to draw a line, and focus on areas of value. Start off with a contour drawing using the lightest of lines to get down the basic shapes. From there, build up the shading in the drawing, at first lightly then building up the darks.

Often the outline will join two different values, and rather than being drawn, is represented by the border between the light and dark area.
Edges are defined by a meeting of two different areas.
Use the background to help define foreground objects.As much attention should be paid to drawing the shadows and background as to the subject itself. Often these areas help to define the subject, providing contrast against highlighted areas. If leaving the background blank, consider carefully the lighting of your subject and how it will look against white.

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